Acumen Data CAAPS Website and Product Positioning


HTML/CSS, Hubspot (HubL)


Design, Front End Development, Copywriting, Research


CAAPS is an accounts payable automation package that needed a new image that portrayed its premium and injected some energy into a dry market. I was tasked with the development of a Hubspot site to replace a bland B2B software site with unclear USPs. After discovery sessions with the client and potential customers it became clear that the topic of automation was valuable but needed to be spoken of aspirationally to not strike fear of retrenchment into customer teams. The role of pilots managing a plane through auto-pilot gives customers a mental model that cuts to the emotional core of the software's power.

F1 – Connectivity Innovation Prize

Flinders Solar – Concept QT UI

Red Bull – Yuki Kadono Helmet

Race Circuits of Japan – Poster

Philips – OneUX TV UI

Singtel – Retail Touchscreens

Ford Asia Pacific – Interactive Web Elements