Flinders Solar Concept QT UI


Linux, Qt (C++), RaspberryPi 3+, Flash/Animate, Illustrator


Design, Prototyping, Hardware/Software integration


Flinders University's Solar Car team needed a dashboard display that fed back key information about the car as it competed in the World Solar Challenge. The cross-continent race stipulated a speedometer and battery status system yet the car is also scored for practicality and usability so I sought to make something more familiar. It took a lot of work to get the RaspberryPi talking to the unique 8:3 ratio LCD, by writing custom HDMI modes, and then getting Qt installed on the RaspberryPi took weeks of debugging as it was uncharted territory. The prototype used a hacked mouse and gaming steering wheel for analog, rotary and button inputs to emulate driving inputs.

Dashboard with solar angle for parking at left

Dashboard with media player at left

Qt RaspberryPi Application Prototype

Adobe Animate sketches to get an idea of moving parts to the UI much faster than the slow Qt coding

An early prototype running on the RaspberryPi screen.

F1 – Connectivity Innovation Prize

Red Bull – Yuki Kadono Helmet

Race Circuits of Japan – Poster

Acumen Data – CAAPS Website and Product Positioning

Philips – OneUX TV UI

Singtel – Retail Touchscreens

Ford Asia Pacific – Interactive Web Elements