Love My Community App Platform

Adapting the exisiting NoQ ecommerce platform to offer a local-community shopping experience.


Detpak Express App


NoQ White Label Apps

Reskinning our base ecommerce platform for store branded apps. I was AD for Little Mule Co. working with production designer Jo Mai.

Spa Services

A bilingual app that would allow a spa brand's consultants to keep track of their clients' skin condition over a series of treatments, proving results. It also included a statistics module for aiding staff in tracking their monthly performance and getting fast feedback against the rest of the business.



Playing a part in the team that devised a company wide UI which improved the experience for TV, DVD and Set-Top-Box users.

Sanofi Aventis

Nature's Own Virtual Naturopath

Designed for a point-of-product shelf mounted touchscreen, this app aided consumers in their product selection by providing guides to dietary supplement contents that could be compared and their effects communicated more clearly than traditional bottle labels.