Red Bull

Yuki Kadono Helmet

Custom design for Air + Style World Tour 2015/16 Snowboarding Champion, Yuki Kadono. Yuki challenged me to incorporate his favourite symbols: his dominance of the sport through Mt. Everest, an All-Seeing-Eye and an Owl; his love of music and the vastness of space of the journey ahead. After wrangling these together Wunschel Sport did a great job painting up the Anon helmet.



Playing a part in the team that devised a company wide UI which improved the experience for TV, DVD and Set-Top-Box users.

Ford Australia (FPV)

Vehicle Configurator

Ford Australia (FPV)

F6 Launch Site


Acumen Data

CAAPS Website and Product Positioning

CAAPS is an accounts payable automation package that needed a new image that portrayed its premium and injected some energy into what is usually a dry and neglected market.


Ghost Recon 2 Concept UI

Education & NGO


Sekai Creator

Tokyo Launch Branding

Sekai Creator is an entrepreneurship challenge for Japanese university students. After several years of running in Seattle, the program was launched in Tokyo and a range of branded materials was needed from coursework to signage and website. In partnership with founder Stephen Sakanashi, we developed the course and had a great success with the inaugural Tokyo class.

Love Running

City to Bay Campaign

Crash Japan Website

Two days after the March 11 Earthquake, I began working with a few other volunteers based in Japan on a website to coordinate a network of missionaries efforts to assist people on the ground. Raising over $4m in the first month, the site played a pivotal role in enabling a quick response to the disaster and getting news of their work out. I ended up re-skinning the bilingual platform and adapting the information architecture to suit the fast changing needs of a grassroots charity.


Half-year Report


I love delighting people with designs that make their lives easier and get the message through. I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and technologist based in Adelaide, Australia, with more than 15 years of experience designing a wide variety of touchpoints.

With stints living in Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, I've assisted brands like Ford, Philips, Toyota, Lend Lease, NAB, Unilever and Newscorp get their message across and improve their products. I've worked in a variety of environments from MNC to Startup to NGO so I have experience making the most of whatever resources we have at hand to build the best solution.

I also love learning so when I'm not working, I'm studying concept design at CDW Studios Adelaide, I'm working my way through Udacity's Self-Driving car courses, and listening to podcasts like This Week In Startups, 99% invisible, The Tim Ferriss Show, Asymcar, 5Live F1, Start-Up, Reply All, Surprisingly Awesome, Radiolab, This American Life, Monocle, A16Z, Disrupting Japan, Freakonomics Radio, Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, Scriptnotes, The Village Church (Texas).